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Food & groceries right at your doorstep

We’re now live – delivering to your doorstep within 40 – 60 minutes.
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Partner Stores Across your City

We work with some of the best restaurants and grocery stores in town! And Our Baskytors (Shoppers) are well-trained with a thorough onboarding process to handle your order with care!

We deliver it fresh!

We’ve got great speed too. Your order will be at your doorstep in before you know it. Our Baskytor is generally at your doorstep within 40 – 60 minutes

We’ve got some cool features!

We’re looking to make your food & grocery delivery as simple as possible. Check out some cool features that help us achieve that!

See what others are Raving about

See what others are raving about. Rave is an indicator of how much a product is loved by customers. If it’s lit, the product is a hit!

Real-time order tracking

Know how long your order might take to be prepared & delivered.

seamless online payment 

Paying for your orders is made simple. We’re powered by Stripe so you sure know your payments are safe!

We've Got Something to Say

Every now and then we see a new company making the headlines and claiming to be different than the rest. But very quickly, it gets lost in the crowd and everyone eventually forgets about it. Why is that?

When we think of a great business model, we often believe the one that generates the highest sales and revenue would be at the top of the list. However, that couldn’t be far from the truth. Very rarely do you find companies designing a model that would benefit all the stakeholders rather than just the company itself. 

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Food brings you closer to the ones you love
and that is why we do what we do.

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Watertown, Minnesota, 55388, USA
Phone: +1 952-222-7844