Do you ever think how together we are yet how further apart we seem to be? Togetherness is built into the very fabric of our existence. We share thoughts with friends, we share a home with family and we share food with our loved ones. We share! If we’ve learnt one thing from Covid, it is that We’re together. 

It is also true though, that we may not be able to be with everyone all the time! We’re busy – all of us! This busy nature of life is fundamental to why we, Baskyt exists. But more than that, we also exist to enhance sharing, love and togetherness! We exist due to the very nature of our busy lives. To promote the core fundamental message: Life is More!

This time, we’re even more than the more before! We’re here to change lives and help you love your food & shopping. We’re here, not just for you, but your whole Squad! Let’s find below how it works.

What is a Squad and how does it work?

Squad is an innovative concept we’re introducing through our Soft Launch! It is pretty simple and unique. You bring your friends & family with you into Baskyt’s world and Shop together. The more the Merrier! If your Squad consists of 4 members, the discount will be higher. You can also create a squad of as less as 2 members – who cares how many as long as you’re together right?

Baskyt - how does the Squad Work

Imagine You and Sara are living in the same city. You talk everyday and socialize around twice a month to catch up on all the week’s happenings. And of course, you’re constantly in touch on Instagram and other social media apps. 

You’re a squad! You do so much together, especially online. Do you know what makes you powerful? You being together! And that is exactly the power we want you to use in different ways. One of them is to Squad Up in Baskyt and avail amazing discounts.

Life softens and discounts when your squad is with you! That’s what you get with Baskyt as well.

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